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November 09 2012


Home Alarm Equipment Alternatives for a Secured Home

Security systems with home alarm equipment do so much for the protection of the family and the entire household. It guards the house and prevents criminals from entering the home. But setting up a home alarm system can be quite pricey since you have to deal not only with setting up surveillance cameras, but also with home alarm monitoring services.
A home alarm security system, however, does not necessarily have to be expensive. Some people actually rely on other things for protection more than installing an alarm equipment. The following are some good, reliable, and effective alternatives for alarm systems at home:

Why do you think dogs are considered to be man’s best friend? Because dogs protect their owners. Yes they can be friendly, but only to those they trust, their masters. And when criminals and other evil motivated individuals come to their masters’ home, dogs are ready to give them their angry barks as a warning and may even do some of their dog attacking action.
However, if you rely too much on dogs as a home alarm equipment, you might be putting your dog’s life at high risk. Some criminals go to the dog first, they poison it, beat it, and kill it. And that doesn’t sound good, does it?

Guns and other Firearms
Guns and firearms are one of the common bragging interests. Some men talk a lot about their firearms, the kind of weapons they possess, how they use their weapons against criminals, etc.

Yes, firearms are indeed good alternatives for alarm equipment since the sight of it in capable hands may ward off criminals. However, it cannot be considered the best home alarm system because of plenty of reasons: First, the firearm can only be in use when the intruder has already entered the house or the vicinity. Surveillance cameras for alarm systems can detect incoming intruders far from their point of entry, which is a better option. Second, firearms are useless when they’re inaccessible,  or worse, stolen. Third, you still have the legal documents and other formalities that will allow you to actually use a firearm, and that may take some time, and much responsibility. Fourth, using a firearm entails worrisome legal consequences should some actual shooting and killing take place.

Household Manpower
Strong boys at home capable of hand to hand fighting is a good form of home protection. Their physical strength may be enough to win against intruders and criminals, especially those with only the purpose of stealing and burglary. Being trained in martial arts like taekwondo, karate, or even wrestling makes the household members more equipped as home protection agents. However, people being the only form of protection at home is not recommended because it poses a high risk on their lives.

These alternatives may be good enough for some but they should know that setting up an alarm system works better. Yes, these alternatives may be reliable but not as good as a real home alarm system. Setting up alarm systems usually becomes so much more expensive if you deal with a third party dealer. It is advisable to deal straight with alarm monitoring companies for lesser cost.

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